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Sep 05, 2022
In Feature Requests
While I'm not totally sure why the Oculus software constantly forgets the Play area info, this has been an ongoing issue for years for many users. With the latest oculus update my Rift S is now telling me everytime I put it on that 'Play area not found'. I am developing VR content for PC on the Rift S with UE5 and do need to constantly put on and remove the HMD for testing and designing. To have to reset the Play area everytime I put it on is down right anoying and a complete waste of time that needs to be devoted to developing. Meta doesn't seem to care that this is happening to users as they just say yeah, yeah and then nothing gets done to correct the always. Anyway, having a way to force the Oculus software to remember the Play area and save it as a backup reference when it does forget...would save all this hassle. Is this a possibility? I do have a Quest 2 also...which as far as I can tell doesn't have this issue...but I find it not as nice for PC development due to artifacting and other issues.
Mar 22, 2022
In General
Hello I've been using OTT for years, but just today...after a system crash, I restarted my computer and now OTT no longer works. In the OTT LOG window I see a number of items that have Exception's and all of them with Invalid Namespace listed I did a complete unintall and then a reinstall but the same still happens. Not sure what to do now. Using Help!!!


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