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Windows Mixed Reality Tray Tweaker is similar to Oculus Tray Tool, but built for WMR headsets. It has options to handle Audio Mirroring on a per-game basis, disable Virtual Monitor Pre-Allocation, disable the Windows buttons on the controllers, handle Power Plans and more!



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Release date 2021.05.09

Release date 2021.04.23

Release date 2021.04.12

Version 1.1.0

Version 1.0.1

Version 1.0.0

Release Notes

Version 1.1.0

* Bugfixes

* Added option to set Delays for changing CPU priority. As apps take a different amount of time
  to start on differnet PC's you might need to tune this parameter. We want the app to have fully
  started before attempting to change CPU Priority. Default value is 5 seconds.

* Added option to minimize Steam, WMR Portal, Oculus Home and any running VR app when they start.
  Use the Delays option to tune how many seconds to wait before attempting to minimize the app
  to the taskbar.


Version 1.0.1


* Bugfixes


Version 1.0.0


- Windows keys/buttons
  You can use WMRTT to Disable the Windows Button on the controllers if you find yourself
  accidentally pressing them,

- Audio Switching
  WMRTT can be used to change the default output and input audio devices. You can do this
  using the folllwing methods:

  * When WMRTT starts
  * when a VR app starts

- Tweaks
  Virtual Monitor Pre-allocation is a Windows feature that may cause performance issues on
  lower-tier machines. Disabling this might give you a bit of a boost. Done using a registry
  setting and thus requires a restart of your PC to disable or enable.

- Steam
  Start Steam and/or SteamVR when WMRTT starts.

- Power Plans
  You can set a new power plan on WMRTT startup or when a vr app starts. This is enforced, meaning that
  if something else, like SteamVR, changes the power plan (which it does, it sets it to high performance)
  WMRTT will detect this and change it back to whatever you have set. You also have an option to set it
  when WMRTT stops or a VR app exits. So you could set for example Ultimate Performance when a VR app starts,
  and set it to Balanced when it exits. There is also option to Disable or Enable USB Selective Suspend
  for the given power plan.

- Device Sleep
  You can set the time it takes, 1-30 minutes, for the device to go to sleep and turn of the screens.

- Disable/Enable device
  You can use WMRTT to disable the HP Reverb G2 when WMRTT exits, and enable it when it starts.
  The device tends to run a bit hot, even when in sleepmode.

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