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Can i use Oculus Tray Tool with the Oculus Quest?


If you have the Link cable that teathers the headset to a PC, then sure!

Does Oculus Tray Tool need to always be running to work?


Yes it does, as it needs to detect when your VR apps start in order to apply the Profile settings.

Why do your apps need to be run "As Administrator"?

Both OTT and WMRTT need access to the Windows registry in order to get and set certain parameters.

Some of my Profiles are not detected on start, what's wrong?

First, make sure that OTT is monitoring the correct process. Some games have "launchers", little applications that start before the actual game starts. If this Launcher is set as the main process to monitor, then OTT will detect that, set the Profile settings, but when the launcher exits after starting the actual game, your settings will be returned to default.

Ok, so i have OTT set to monitor the correct process, but the Profile is still not applied every time.


OTT needs to set it's settings very fast, before the game has fully started. The default monitoring method is done using Windows WMI, which might not be fast enough for your PC/game. Try setting the problem profile to use Timer as detection method. The Timer method "ticks" faster and as such, can detect game launcher faster, but also causes OTT to consume a little more CPU.

Does Windows Mixed Reality Tray Tweaker work for all WMR headsets?


I have only tested it with the HP Reverb G2, and some options are unique for the Reverb G2, but in theory it should work for all WMR headsets.

Can i run Windows Mixed Reality Tray Tweaker and Oculus Tray Tool at the same time?

Not recommended as they both have the option to manage power plans, which may lead to conflicts.

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