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I'm Andy. I work as a storage and backup engineer by day and a hobby coder by night. I've been playing and working with computers since the early 90s, starting out with the old Commodore 64. Like many of my generation I spent a lot of time in gaming arcades. On one rare occasion, there was a Virtual Reality company there, and I got to try "VR" for the first time. It was a super-heavy, extremely clunky headset with really thick cables coming out of it, so that 12-year old me couldn´t even hold it up properly due to the weight. The graphics where literally blocks and the controllers where tethered with cables to the rig, but ooh man, it was soo cool!

Fast forward to 2016 with the release of the Rift CV1, where I spent most of the delivery day staring out the window waiting for the UPS truck to bring me my childhood dream. As with all new tech, the Rift had some shortcomings that required a bit of tinkering to resolve. I decided to write some code to help me and the VR community to get the best possible experience out of this fantastic new device, and so the Oculus Tray Tool was born. I have since then also created a tool for Windows Mixed Reality headsets, and  hope you´ll find these applications as useful as I have fun building them.

- Andy             

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