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Oculus Tray Tool is a free application that help you get the most out of your Oculus headset, along with the very best VR experience. It has options that help you automatically switch audio and microphone sources, handle the Oculus runtime service, create Profiles to handle Super Sampling and ASW on a per-game basis, automatically switch Power Plan to get the most juice out of your rig and more! Check out the User Guide for more info.

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NOTE! Only tested on Windows 10. There have been reports of issues on Widows 11.


Release date 2022.06.04

Version 0.87.8

Release date 2021.10.31

Release date 2021.05.01

Version 0.87.6

Version 0.87.4

Release date 2021.04.12

Version 0.87.3

Release date 2021.03.14

Version 0.87.2

Release Notes

Version 0.87.8

* Disabled the Link Presets for now as some ppl reported issues with it. You can still use the manual settings

* Oculus Dash will now use the same CPU Priority as what you set for OVR Server.

* Added a "Comments" option to Profiles.

* Implemented Paolod29's code for a permanent AirLink (

* Added more choices to the Quest Link settings for "Bitrate" and "Encode Resolution".

* Added option for "Force Mipmap generation on all layers" on the Game Settings tab.

* Added option for "Offset Mipmap bias on all layers" on the Game Settings tab.

* Added option for "Force Mipmap generation on all layers" to Profiles.

* Added option for "Offset Mipmap bias on all layers" to Profiles.

* Added option for "Encode Dynamic Bitrate" on the Quest Link tab.

* Added option for "Dynamic Bitrate Max" on the Quest Link tab.

* Added "FoV Multiplier" to Profiles. Setting this to a value lower than 1, for example 0.8,
  might increase FPS due to less pixels being drawn at the expense of lower FoV.
  NOTE: This does currently not work with the Quest due to Link needing to be restarted
  for it to take affect. Instead, use the FoV option on the Game Setting tab.
  As that setting is applied when Oculus Tray Tool starts, it will be in affect if
  you make sure to start Oculus Tray Tool before you start Oculus Home/Link.

* When creating a brand new Profile, the current settings from the Game Settings tab will be used. This will make it even easier to create a new Profile! Simply experiment with different settings on the Game Settings tab, and when you have found the perfect combo for a given game those settings are copied over when you click "Create new Profile".

* Added option to Disable profiles.

* Re-designed the Profiles window a bit.

* The "Default Super Sampling" drop-down is now also user-editable. Type what you want and hit Enter. The same goes for the Super Sampling options in Profiles. No need hit Enter here, just click OK.

* Fixed some bugs.

Version 0.87.6


* Fixed some bugs.

* Added 'Sharpening' as Oculus Link option.

* Added more granularity to Super Sampling values.


Version 0.87.4

* Added option to delete custom Link Presets

* Added '0' as Bitrate option for Link


Version 0.87.3

* Fixed an issue where Power Plan was not reverted on reboot/shutdown
  if OTT was not shut down first.

* Fixed an issue where the Audio/Mic sources did not revert back on
  reboot/shutdown if OTT was not shut down first.

Version 0.87.2

* Fixed an issue where Hotkeys would not work unless the option for Audio confirmation
  was also checked.

* OTT will also no longer block the key from being passed to Windows. The keys used for
  Hotkeys will now work as normal in other applications while OTT is running.

* Fixed some other bugs while i was at it.


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